Efrem Bonacina e Giovanni Moro

Efrem Bonacina was born in Lecco in 1976, graduated in industrial design at Milan Polytechnic. Besides teaching in public and private universities, in 2007 he founded the Zoe3 in Lecco, a design, engineering and project managementcompany, working with Italian and foreign companies in various sectors, from furniture to complement of lighting projects, up to industrial machinery.

Giovanni Moro was born in Chiavenna in 1983, graduated in industrial design at Milan Polytechnic,collaborating with Zoe3 from 2009, dealing mainly with products and concepts design in furniture, lighting and sporting commodities. Zoe3 complements industrial design research in the field of sustainability, creative development in favor of protected categories and integration between design and automation.
The manufactured products have been publishedin some important magazines: Domus, Il Bagnooggi e domani, Design Diffusion News, Atelier Bagno, Progettare, Abitare, Box, Interni, L’Arca. Bonacina and Moro are members of the Colombo Design Research and Development Office, and for which in 2009 achieved an international workshop for young designers, concluded at The Triennaleof Milan. In 2010 they designed the Nordic series,taking over the task of CD Advanced Design managers’.