Luta Bettonica e Giancarlo Leone

Luta Bettonica designer and architect Giancarlo Leone opened the Studio Bettonica Leone in Milan in 1996. They deal with renovations and furnishing, restoration of historic buildings, exhibition design, store design, as well as the design of custom-made furnishings. In the field of design, they specialize in lighting working with with Cini & Nils, of which Luta has been Artistic Director since 2002, creating innovative and high profile products that are the result of intense research and experimentation on light and technology. Over the years they have deepened their experience combining creativity with practical realization. They apply their architectural design skills with particular interest to the issues surrounding environmental protection. They work mostly with private clients. Over the years aside from working with Cini & Nils, they have designed for Colombo Design, Colico and Viabizzuno.