Paolo Cattaneo Momodesign

Design Studio was set up in 1981 and based on an idea by Marco Cattaneo, Managing Director of the MOMO Group that is market leader in accessories for luxury cars. At the end of ’90s MOMODESIGN became an independent company. Paolo Cattaneo has been keeping up the family tradition by making the Design Studio a brand well-known worldwide for design, technology and Italian style.
All the products created by Momodesign incorporate the outcome of research carried out by the Centro Stile and are conceived as unique pieces. The Design Studio is the creative hub of the organisation, its eclecticism and creativity has allowed MOMODESIGN to understand and anticipate the market trends aiming at quality and innovation.
The Design Studio does not only focus on its brand, but also develops its activity in Industrial Design working as a product consultant with companies in different commercial sectors. These companies rely on the ability of this professional team to better express the values of their brand.
The eclecticism and expertise of the MOMODESIGN Design Studio have a proven track record in joint ventures with prestigious brands on special projects, some of which in co-branding, that always bear as a distinctive hallmark our style, our creativity and our brand.

The strength of the MOMODESIGN Design Studio stems from its brand identity and develops through improved marketing strategy to provide customers with a solid partnership focused on results: to conceive and design products that meet customer needs and that are in line with their brand. The extensive know-how acquired through working in different sectors over a period of many years, has enabled the Design Studio to express the essence of each brand by means of specific research aimed at perfectly combining market needs with product design.